Let’s Talk

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image-173Rest assured, I will not try to sell you anything,
-sign you up for anything or convince you of anything on this call.  
This time is strictly me being of service to you and to get to know each other a little bit.
No obligation, no strings attached.
Whew, that’s a relief isn’t it?

image-192Here are some ways you can use this time.
Bring your Questions for some fresh perspective, even sometimes to help you change the question – will bring its own greater answer.
If you are stumped about how to move forward with a project or idea.
You want help to ground and center and uncover what really is your next step.
You’d like to have a a sounding board and maybe some help focusing your own ideas/thoughts.

We can talk about what’s up for you?
What are you working on – what’s your next step?  What’s in the way of taking that step?
Have quick Brainstorming, Solution Finding Session
Get an energetic clearing/tuneup to ground and focus when you’re feeling overwhelmed or spinning out

What else is possible?  
When you are putting the soul into soulopreneur, it’s important to get support.