Access Bars Session Special – Buy one Gift One

Fall Special:  50 minute bars session $85  Buy One Session and Get One Free to Gift To Anyone you Choose – Even yourself!   Rejuvenate and Energize with an Access Bars Session. Relax on a massage table in a peaceful quiet space and receive the gift of time, attention and clearing. 30 minute sessions are also available for $45 (buy one get one special does not apply) What’s so great about having a BARS session? At the least they provide a calm, soothing, nurturing and stress relieving time out from your busy life. At best they are the catalyst to clear blocks and old patterns that will allow new levels of ease and healing into every area of your life.  For me, a session is like defragmenting the hard drive of my brain. It creates a spaciousness in my mind that quiets … Continue reading »