Miche Meizner multi talented artist, coach, healer

Multi-faceted, Multi-Preneur, Renaissance Soul, da Vinci Diva, Scanner, Over-Achieving Lightworker.

That’s me.  It may be you too.  Various talents and passions and skills and a desire to incorporate them all into life and work and a love of sharing that with others.  It’s true and I’m owning here.  This page is the hub for my various spokes.michebitsrip

For a long time it often seemed more of a detriment than an attribute.  I judged that in myself as a shortcoming of not being able to settle down
Wander,read, learn, wonder, comment, purchase something, hire me, enjoy my videos. Laugh with me, share something true about you. I’m here, I’m interested in who you are, curious to see how we might collaborate, create and enrich our lives and spread more wellbeing, peace and happiness throughout the world. That would be the overachieving lightworker part ; )

My You Tube Channel – Spot On Whiteboard Animations, Spoon-bending videos and General Life and Upliftment Videos.

WEIP “What Else Is Possible?” (Facebook community group)

Vivace Jewelry Company   Most recent jewelry site, emphasis on Wedding Rings

Sumiche Jewelry (Older Jewelry Site)  Older jewelry gallery back when Susan (Ona) Onaclea and I rand the business together


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